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Our website in the field of escort services is unique. It is created on a free platform of

We do not place advertising of the provision of services.

We host only questionnaires of escort girls and agencies with inaccurate information.

In most cases, the reason for publication is fake photos.

Each case will be described and confirmed.


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  Russian girls are one of the hottest. Have you come to Russia, to one of the metropolitan cities?

Do you want to date Russian escort girl or get acquainted with an erotic masseuse? Or maybe you are looking for a travel companion?

Unfortunately, not all advertisers provide truthful information. Our idea and work are to identify fakes. That will allow you to be aware in advance and make your right choice.

We do not encourage you not to deal with placed escorts, this is your personal choice. Our publication is independent, we place only proven fakes.

We are going to check escorts and give you a lot of information about.

We are going to work for you and for real escort stars.


Our results:

March      2017                       we found 14 fake classifieds in MOSCOW

April         2017                       + 12 = total 26 not real girls.

May          2017                       + 2 = total 28 not real escorts.

June        2017                        searching.

July         2017                        searching.

August    2017                        +3

December 2017                             


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